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 CoffeePitt. is Coffee Books Essential oils and more. Loving Coffee Books Family and more. “Life is not about how many breaths we take, but about the moments that take our breath away.” We’re glad you took this moment to browse our site feel free to say “hi” on our blog. Stop by our About page to learn why we chose the name CoffeePitt, read some family insights and how and why we do what we do from our ties to Chatham, to the four states we reside in, to our homegrown projects. We are Committed to our Amazon products,  as well as our other affiliate accounts we use to share products and information. Some links lead to independent sites we make a commission on sales from those leads. Our family writes books together. View our first children’s book Preview “What If?” here and Jasper The Jittery Jaguar here.

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booksCreatespace is a great place to begin telling your story.  It gave us the ability to print and sell our books on demand. Amazon works with Createspace and makes the books available as paperback and kindle editions. Look at our second book “Jasper The Jittery Jaguar”
coffeeCoffeePitt with Amazon is a great place to buy affordable coffee. Check out these great deals from other coffee products by clicking on our links that we have affiliate accounts with.
oilsYoung Living Essential oils are also available here. Learn about how I got started as an independent distributor with Young Living. start your journey here

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